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We are an innovative startup born to carry out multi-sector and internationalization activities as a system integrator in the following areas:

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Founded at the end of 2023, Thauma is expression of the experience gained in various sectors and years of business leadership by CEO & Founder Filippo Codara.

The name "Thauma" has Greek origins and means "astonishment" or "wonder". It can be used in various contexts, often to mean something extraordinary, sublime, unusual or fascinating. It can be used in describing works of art, natural events, personal experiences, and of course in reference to scientific phenomena that challenge our current knowledge or are difficult to explain rationally.

▲  Teo e Filippo Codara (Ceo & Founder)

Thauma, a system integrator.

A "system integrator" is responsible for integrating various hardware and software components to create a complete and functional system..

The role of a system integrator is strategic in contexts where different technologies, platforms, or applications need to work together harmoniously to meet specific customer or project.

System integrators are often involved in complex projects that require a deep understanding of diverse technologies and multidisciplinary skills. Their ability to integrate heterogeneous components into coherent solutions is essential for the success of complex and large-scale projects.

Here are some of the functions and characteristics associated with system integrators:

Requirements Analysis


Development and



and Support


Currently, THAUMA SRL has developed collaboration agreements with the following companies who share the characteristic of being highly innovative and sensitive to environmental problems:


Teotronica is specialized in the creation of robots for the entertainment, environmental
education and medical-health care sectors. To be sustainable, 90% of the components used come from recovered or recycled materials.
Thauma & Teotronica: Cobotics

Cobotics, or human-robot collaboration (from the English "collaborative robotics" abbreviated as "cobotics"), is a field of automation where robots directly collaborate with humans within the same workspace.

Cobots are designed to work alongside people safely and interactively.
Used in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, logistics and other work environments, their primary goal is to improve efficiency, safety and productivity in the context of direct collaboration between humans and robots.

However, it is important to note that along with the wonders (THAUMA) of human-robot collaboration also come challenges and ethical questions about the impact on employment, privacy and security. The correct management of these aspects is strategic to guarantee a harmonious and beneficial collaboration for all humanity.

Teotronica today applies its robots to 3 different fields:


Music, singing and cabaret shows

The two robots are the protagonists of an innovative and entertaining musical show that combines creativity, recycling, and technology.
But their show also concerns sustainability and recycling. RoboTANIKA has been mainly built using barrels, hence its name. The entire performance has been scripted by an artificial intelligence, demonstrating how even the creative process can be revolutionized by technology.





"Instructive Lessons"
in the school
Robidone is the robot that loves the environment. It suggests how to properly separate waste and improve the management of natural resources..
Robidone is a strategic partner for our generation and those to come, helping us ensure a more sustainable future, healthier, safer, and livable.
Invite Robidone to your school, at your company, association or organization.
. Robidone is a true icon of Green Technology.


For welcoming and initial assistance in pediatric field


The objective measurement of pain and anxiety experienced by a pediatric patient before an invasive/painful procedure and the administration of psychometric tests are activities that will be automated
thanks to the i-Elio robot(a 100% "made in Italy" prototype) that will soon join in the fight against pediatric pain alongside social robots that have been used since 2016 as a non-pharmacological technique before anesthesia.


Discover what our robots can do: it’s amazing!


A highly innovative company, Kairos specializes in the design and production of electronic devices and systems. 

Always keeping up with know-how and technological updates, and thanks to extensive experience and professionalism, it develops products for industrial applications, IoT (Internet Of Things), home automation, test and measurement instrumentation, radiofrequency and telecommunications, consumer electronics, and power electronics.

Kairos actually shows 3 ranges focused on air quality, energy saving and electric engines world.

Energy saving

Smart light control unit with LTE technology

Air and water quality

Range of gas detection sensors for parking and residential units

Electric engines

Inverter for electric motors up to 150 kW, motorcycles, small bus

Mete Enerji

Mete Enerji Corp. company is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide of connectors and electromechanical equipment for various industrial applications.
Designed with CAD-CAM-CAE systems, supported and subsequently created using molds with the latest technologies, the entire range of products meets all international standards required by domestic and foreign markets after being tested and certified by notified bodies.

Industrial connectors especially used in the field of industrial automation

Aluminum housings boxes and enclosures that provide IP67/IP68 protection, also available in custom versions

Watch the interview with CEO Filippo Codara and Thauma's participation as speaker and Golden Sponsor at the Robotics and Automation Conference on 11 April 2024 at the Kilometro Rosso in Bergamo:


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